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Make Money Online In 2017: Starting From Scratch 💵💵💵 💰💰

[UltraVid id=1 ]okay what is up that beats in this video I want to talk about how you can make money online in 2017 and I’m up do this from the perspective of starting from scratch alright so my name is Dan brach the deadbeat super affiliate and here’s what I would do if I had to start from scratch no mailing lists no existing assets as if I was a complete beginner alright so first of all I would start with affiliate marketing that is crucial affiliate marketing allows you to jump into any niche with a lot less risk as far as time and money is concerned those are your two biggest assets in the beginning starting out so affiliate marketing allows you to get in for like a domain name that’s ten dollars a year a hosting plan five to ten dollars a month so you’re talking about twenty dollars upfront cheaper if you find coupons and stuff that are out there coupons that’s what I said so that can be done for 20 bucks a month now if you have a limited amount money you’re going to exchange that money constraint with time and creativity this is actually the position you want to be in as a beginner reason why is because by having by forcing yourself to push the effort and the time into the business you get to learn the ropes learning the ropes is very important it’s the equivalent of taking a martial art and putting in the time of learning how to punch how to use proper footwork cetera et cetera alright so this is your time to learn the ropes secondly it’s going to force you to tap into that creative spirit that we all have now the problem is we have a lot of money starting out you start to think I’ve done this before so I’m talking from experience here you start to think because you have money just make sure my screen screensaver doesn’t go off here because you have money you can kind of pull back on the whole creative aspect of the business and that is the complete wrong way to go about starting an online business alright so here’s what I would do step one out I would think in my head my number one passion this could be a hobby it could even be like my profession I’m really passionate about that what I would do is and these sleeves are get on my nerves what I would do is I would make a site in that particular niche now if it’s a weird passion that you have that not many people are interested in that could be a problem so you want to make sure that your passion is actually things that a good portion of the population is – alright by doing this this ensures that you have a big audience to create content and publish – second thing I would do is I’ll learn how to create a blog I would learn how to create videos and I will learn how to create an email list now what I’m going to do is I’m gonna jump into a tutorial and kind of walk you through a quick blueprint of how to go about this alright keep on with this real quick after I learned how to do the website the blog the mailing list I would then create you know small freebie and after that I would progress into creating follow-up sequences to promote specific affiliate offers and then after that’s honed in after you have the whole machine going and making money that’s when you start creating your own products to make more profit but also be able to tap into like a whole nother segment of the market by offering an affiliate program tapping into things like Clickbank jvzoo Commission Junction and the many other hundreds of affiliate networks out there alright so I move to quickly flip over to like my computer here and just give you a breakdown of more of a specific diagram blueprint that I would do if I was starting out from scratch in 2017 alright my name is Dan Brock the deadbeat super affiliate and here we go right into the tutorial follow me now here we go all right that that beats let me just finish up the title here boom alright so make money online 2017 from scratch here’s what I would do that’s assuming I have no assets in the business whatsoever now this is something I talked about in the past think maybe a last month I made a similar video to this I really want to jump into the topic give you a better bloop blueprint ear so step one this is called recon recon is basically you go reconnaissance you go into all the popular niche niche sites all the popular websites forums etc in your niche and basically all you do for the first day or two is just get knowledge or through research on what topics that people are writing about which ones are doing well so if you basically every website we’ve really dig deep you can see based on the stats that that particular page that piece of content has whether or not it’s something that people are interested in in the specific topic in your niche so forms for example here’s the warrior form what you can do is you can just go in and sort by the most popular views of this particular thread in the forum and by doing this if you look at the the part that I’ve highlighted here what topics people are interested in so this warrior forum is like a make money online forum you can see some people interested in making money from junk traffic that seems to be pretty popular here’s a topic what to do if you’re desperate all flying marketing let’s see how to search Google USA from the outside of USA so these are for me might for this particular channel these are all topics that I can make content about so what you want to do just to recap you want to go into your niche dig around make a list of 20 to 30 things that you can write about that you know we’re going to hit so this is giving you ideas of what pieces of content are going to hit so number one recon number two is you’re going to start stacking up creating properties that you own all right so first one always number one is a blog man like people underestimate the having the power of your own blog now this people you say blog really it’s just a website that houses content related to your niche so yeah it might be a blog but doesn’t mean you have to write journal entries it’s just a blog WordPress is what I use it’s called a blog it’s just a place to put content so this is one property that no matter what nature in you’re probably going to want to create a blog number two is YouTube this is going to be big in 2017 and Beyond mostly every niche out there you can create YouTube videos on except for like pornos obviously that’s not going to go well on YouTube second thirdly here is Facebook these are the three properties that I would focus on right now especially with a flip marketing if that’s something that you want to do starting off as an affiliate these three properties are the ones that I would consider jumping into not personally for my my skill set these are the two that I focus on right off the bat or blog and YouTube all right so that’s the so these are basically your assets you own these properties you create them I mean YouTube technically owns your channel but these are things that you create and they’re out there on the web they’re yours think of these like you know in real estate these are pieces of property that you own so you’re going to use these two more and more success as time goes on all right so what do you do from here first what I would do is I would do a 30-day launch of my properties so what I would do is I would go to you know those there’s popular websites and I pick one topic per day to create an article or a video about so let’s just go with this example has anyone profited from junk traffic so this content would be a post on my blog about how to profit from junk website traffic so that would be like a six hundred two thousand word post and I would post that on my blog and then what I would do is I create a YouTube video basically summarizing that blog post so yeah the content is pretty similar that’s okay the advantage is now that you have a piece of content on your blog and your YouTube your YouTube channel you now have two properties that are siphoning off traffic from do two different spots on the Internet all right so these are assets that your building really not doing much different day by day same piece of content just a different type of media all right so that’s step number two step number three what I would do is I create a squeeze page and a giveaway so squeeze page and a giveaway alright so this is something that will kind of do simultaneously for the first few days creating a new niche I would simultaneously create the squeeze page and a giveaway to giveaway at the end of my blog post and at the end of my youtube videos so your first starting out you might not have this this ready your first three through four posts that’s okay what you’re doing is is starting to create the value flow so that’s okay if it’s not ready within the first week or so it’s not the biggest deal but what I would personally do is start in the first week of a new affiliate marketing campaign in the background or in the backend I would start working on this here so what you do at the end of your blog post and your videos you basically do a call to action to have them the viewer go to your opt-in and opt-in and get a cool free thing so you’ve got your blog so let’s do this be for blog you got your YouTube video BAM nice nice artistic skill here these would all flow to your squeeze page is something to talk about in the past so your squeeze page is basically you know a quick little simple page for me it’s you know on this particular chain we’ll just showing you this I don’t really like to give away my specific niche stuff alright so that’s what a squeeze page basically looks like so you want to make sure that this is a high value that there’s real value in this freebie so that’s why it takes a little bit of time to create it alright so from here after I create the opt-in I would then create a follow-up sequence to to follow up with my audience on so the follow-up sequence can be a series of seven to fourteen emails even longer I mean I’ve noticed that people will buy literally thirty days after they opt-in if they don’t buy something right away they will over those first thirty days so you can do it every day for 30 days if we’re really feeling ambitious so we’re just starting out you might not have a lot of stuff to promote what you can do just the kit the circle of traffic flowing is just send people back to your blog and your YouTube videos you might not make money right off the bat with this but what this will do like I said I’ll get that circular traffic flow going now this is very important when you have the circular traffic the circle of traffic cycling or recycling back into your other properties this creates that growth and that momentum snowball that will help you get more and more traffic as time goes on so this is how you get perpetual growth with your business here alright so after after that happens what you want to do is start working some affiliate promotions into your follow up sequence alright so this is when you start promoting stuff this is after you get a little bit of momentum you’re going to actually want to start making money off your work so you’re going to do the affiliate promotions oh man I just realize you can’t see this shoot alright you move it up here so step 5 there step 5 is affiliate promotions in the follow up sequence alright so that happens within this the first one to thirty days in your follow up sequence when it’s time for you to start making money now from there you’re going to want to start creating your own products you don’t have to do this I mean you can make plenty of money just as an affiliate I mean I make $1000 a day as an affiliate marketer I’ve done this for a while you know obviously it varies but you know I’ve made many thousand dollars a day or more I had one day where I did with a partner over a hundred thousand dollars in affiliate commissions so you can literally make a full time living as an affiliate you don’t have to do the product creation thing this is what will take you to the next level all right guys so keep all this in mind this is exactly what I do if I want to get started in 2017 making money online as an affiliate marketer there’s how you do it all right now to learn the actual technical steps of everything I just showed you in this video I do have a guy that you can access for free for the time being at deadbeet university comm slash guide so pop that URL up it’ll take you to a page that looks something like this this might change in the future this is a step by step video guide that shows you from the power the actual technical steps finding the niche doing the research creating the website creating the content and getting traffic to it it’s all revealed for free in this guide so I’ve used this particular process with three online business models this is the foundation that you need to master if you want to make money online in 2017 I do this every single time I enter a new niche all right guys so get that at W University Icom slash guide also subscribe to my channel I am releasing new content on making money online affiliate marketing being lazy lot of fun stuff all the time so subscribe think the button is going to show up right here if not it will be right here also share this video with your friends and comment below if you have any questions about making money online in 2017 I will do my best to answer them within reason like I can’t offer you free promote a personal coaching I just don’t have the time for that but I will do my best to answer your questions here on my youtube channel my name is Dan Brock the deadbeat super affiliate and I’ll see you deadbeats later over and

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