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How to Make Money Online (For Beginners Who Suck At Selling)

The best ways to earn money online if you draw at selling or are a full beginner. I show you how you can utilize CPL (Expense Each Lead) affiliate networks so you could earn money by obtaining people to enter their e-mail address. In this manner, you do not need to "market" any person on anything.

Among the hardest points for newbies associate online marketers is the capability to find out how you can offer prospects as well as visitors on products they are promoting.

It's an art form, and also takes practice and time to focus.

And due to that, people generally have the usual trouble of "Obtaining website traffic, however no sales".

See getting web site traffic is actually the simple part.

Saying the appropriate points to obtain individuals to purchase is the tough part.

That's why I suggest new affiliate marketing experts use the technique I disclose in this video clip.

It's called CPL advertising and marketing.

All you have to do is get individuals to click your affiliate web links, as well as the vendor will take care of the remainder of the procedure for you.

Even if your visitor doesn't end up buying anything, you still earn money on any kind of leads you send out to the vendors decide in web page.

While this could not be the most ideal method to approach it, it's excellent for beginners that wish to generate income online yet draw at marketing.

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27 Thoughts to “How to Make Money Online (For Beginners Who Suck At Selling)”

  1. Tom Jey

    “Get those 2 socks ready…” lmao 😀

  2. The Deadbeat Student

    Great stuff as always! How often do you evaluate your sites’ sales? Do you change up product offerings on a regular basis, and how long do you let a product that’s not converting ride? Thanks!

  3. JasonRR7

    How often do you update your sites and post content?

  4. Ben Eph

    “Get those tube socks ready because we are about to get the…knowledge on” hahaha, smh Dan, that was smooth 😂

  5. Digital Marketing How To

    Thanks for the great video once again. Will go apply this to my deadbeat super affiliate website …. right after I take another nap 😀

  6. New songs fingerstyle cover by Rahul

    can you viral my videos??????

  7. Chad Reiser

    Awesome! Love your channel. Two questions: how do you organize the Performance of all your campaigns across so many affiliate networks? And what tool do recommend for keyword research now that the Google Adwords tool doesn’t exist? Thank you!

  8. Omnipotent Being

    JVZOO is offering a method on how to rank your videos on google in minutes.

  9. Age of PC

    I hate that i’m from a country in which it’s incredibly difficult to make anything online, average salary per month here is 300$ , people feed (or try to) feed their families with that, i have ideas that i know would make money, but i don’t have any money for advertisement, it’s killing me because sometimes i spend months not being able to do anything, and then see somebody else make a money with the same idea and i just sit here pulling my hair from stress. Eastern Europe sucks 🙁 I can speak english with an american accent but it’s not enough…

    1. Vincent L. Brennan

      *I already made $150 today :)*

    2. Robert Diaz

      If you’re trying to figure out how making money online works then this would be your best option tbh: *Bludos . com* Check it out, and please don’t fall for internet scams. Most people would lie to you just to take your hard-earned money. “What you stay focused on will grow.”

    3. Michael Wiener

      $80-$150 per day. *Big discounts* ( *Regular **-price $65.95-** AND Today Only $7.95 .* ).
      it’s interesting – follow the link

  10. WEiner NEiner

    ok,ill make a website
    but how do i get traffic
    and should i make my website from WIX

    1. PreHistoricMiner

      I would recommend learning at least the basics of HTML and CSS, I would recommend the youtuber MaddirtMonkey watch his series (only 4 episodes) it really helps a lot, anything else you need, try finding it on google or youtube! Good luck, see you when you make it! (I’m working on mine, I have a pretty good idea that I’m pretty sure would make me some money)

    2. WEiner NEiner


      newbie questions
      •will dis help me build a website by looking at the youtuber’s videos
      and i just googled the youtubers channel he had 3 episodes i saw(just saying)
      •what IDEA is it u have(just saying again)

  11. carlos herrera

    With the chrome extension “WOT” it shows that offervault has very poor ratings, beware. (Low ratings, not a scam.. clearing that up, I’d rather investigate.)

  12. Benjamin Fairbourne

    thanks for the shout out! here’s another idea: can you do a video about how to make money with big ticket offers, ppl, ppa, ads, and normal cost per sale sites and how much you can make doing this???


    Can you make more videos like these.I found this video really helpful


    Dan Brock also introduce some sites like a4d and clickbank as its taking time to verify

  15. Paul Democritou

    This is great I was not aware!

    1. Deadbeat Super Affiliate

      Thanks Paul!

  16. eva nadab

    CPA is good way to make money but the amount is very less. I prefer to sale instead.

  17. Josh Pom

    i need help about this ..I’m really so confuse ……anyway can contact you bro…can help me…

  18. bla bla

    How come you wesbite you arofsnoring does not have any traffic?? so how do you make money, I checked on semrush and others.

    1. Deadbeat Super Affiliate

      Art of Snore gets average of 150-200 visitors a day:

  19. Luciferr c said about pay per lead websites.but is it safe to coneect bank account while money transfer or any other safe way to transfer it without giving bank details

  20. Thomas Kramer

    Ok Dan, product testing tip. I have curated tweets going out daily as well as post on Facebook. I pulled an affiliate Amazon rss feed that posts the top 10 products from Amazon automatically with my affiliate link. I just checked the stats on the best engagement especially on the Amazon products and determined which ones had the best engagement. And then created product reviews on my own site for those products. The best part I do not need to do much of a review because I used Scrapeazon wp plugin that embeds the amazon reviews in my post and if they click on to see more reviews it takes them to Amazon. Also, I post an amazon 4 or 5 star image at the top of page and if they click that it goes to the Amazon review area with my affiliate link. If they are clicking on reviews, you know they must be interested in that product. just a tip

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