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HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE FAST With Google (BEST Way To Make Money Online Fast With Google in 2017)

[UltraVid id=3 ]hi miss John drew john michael hope you’re having a fantastic day coming to you today with a super exciting method on how to make money with google announces now this method you can easily scale it up to a thousand dollars a month or more very very easily I’ll show you exactly how this works step-by-step and before we get started don’t forget to click on the link below this video or above to get instant access to my number-one system to making money online and if you would like to watch more of these cool videos and discover more new ways how you can make money online working from home then make sure to subscribe to my channel there’s a red button here click on that button subscribe and click on the bell also you’ll be notified every time I make a new video [Applause] all right so let’s get right to it now look at this mess and how this works all right first of all you’re going to go to google and you’re going to type in the search bar anounced and you’re going to search in the news now you want to you want to search for some items that can be monetized okay something that a new product that is not launched that is announced to be launched okay not launched announced to be launched so for example I just type here announced okay and the first one that popped up surprise surprise a Samsung Galaxy Note will reportedly be announced in August all right so what do we want to do after first of all we want to find an affiliate link for Samsung Galaxy Note the first place you can go in the usually going to find almost everything that’s gonna be announced there it’s going to be some physical product you can find on Amazon alright so you just go to Amazon Associates just Google Amazon Associates create account it’s free alright and then you can just browse you can just search for this product okay we’re not going to make everything here you know I’m not going to show you how to sign up on Amazon and how to search for product I mean you know it’s pretty straightforward alright I’m just going to describe you you know give you overview of this method and got any questions you know just comment below okay I’d be more than happy to help you out alright so so you’re going to grab so you know make sure that there is a you know you can find this product on Amazon now of course okay at the moment that is going to be announced you probably know it’s not going to be here okay but you know you can see there other products okay you can see there other Amazon sorry Samsung galaxys which there are Akana okay so I mean for another part I’m going to see if there are other related products to that okay so you’re going to find having idea you’re going to find that then you want to create a website that is talking about samsung product and galaxies some Galaxy products how I’m going to create a website oh my god I don’t know how to create a website or what are you telling me relax it’s easy okay you can just go to okay start now create a free account and create a free website is drag and drop so easy to use I mean I haven’t seen any easier way to build a website okay super easy okay so just go to Wix you know type on YouTube how to use Wix okay my my best mentors can have mentors like real mentors but my you know my first mentor the ones that use all the time is YouTube and Google I don’t know something it just google it just you know I just look on YouTube always like 99.9% you can find a video about it showing you exactly how it’s done okay so if you want to do this you’re going to do this if you know if you want to find excuses you’re going to find a ton of excuses I can tell you that alright so just go and create a website that is gonna be talking about you know Samsung Galaxy our products okay where is it Samsung Galaxy all right so you’re gonna find information all over the internet and you’re going to create a website talking about different galaxy product products okay Samsung products and Galaxy Note different versions and just create different posts right talking about that and you want also to create a post that is talking about this you know reportedly announced toilet coming up now we’re keep in mind and when you’re going to be creating these posts you want to keep them unique okay you don’t want to just copy paste exactly what you find there because that’s not going to help your this website rank on Google just like a zine article spinner okay I show this in many videos because we use that a lot he’s an article spinner there it is free article spinner you just you know you can find different articles as an inside here and just spin them so what is your name my friend you just spin that I’m gonna find anything for there so what is what exactly is what on earth is your name – you could say your company name or whatever it just gives you different options my body my good friend my mate my pal okay so I closed the spinner if I spin this what is your company name my friend what exactly is your name my friend what exactly is your what is your company mate okay a company name is just stupid what I put there but anyway you get the idea you can spin and you make it unique okay really really simple then you want to you know when when the actual product is going to be launched you want to create a review about it okay gather information from everywhere and just make a review about this product and what you want to be doing in the meantime you want to be you want to order a few backlinks okay for that for your website backings are basically links all over the internet that are pointing to your website making it you know make making Google think that it’s super important and helping it rank and uh you know in the first part of Google all right now the trick here is that because you’re going to go into the announced and because this product has not been launched yet there is not much information about there so if you go quickly and put out a website and do what I told you and send a few backlinks your website is going to rank very highly okay so then you’re going to order if you back and look at this guy the ten dollars I will skyrocket your website in a Googler within thirty eight thirty days all right and he’s got 100 to positive reviews five stars featured so pretty darn sure that this guy can rank your your website on the first page of Google okay and website number one in google number one in Google okay pretty sure you can do that compare you know if I see it’s ratings and everything so there are a ton of other different gigs like that another website I use very often is SEO our common talked about this in many videos just go to a co clerks it’s all about SEO search engine optimization short by rating okay and you can just you know browse here and see how you know just browse the comments and find some giggling you can order it start from one dollar all right another way you can do also if you want to invest which I highly recommend you invest in some games like five ten bucks is not a big deal okay you can make way way way more than that just just by one sale of this Amazon note ok just can cover your all your expenses for you know for this for the gigs okay even for somebody to do this for you alright and then you can come to Google Alerts okay four slash alerts Google it Google Alerts you going to find this page and you’re going to create an alert so let’s say I don’t know Samsung Samsung notes whatever and you’re going to create the Google Alert and then what happens is Google is going to notify you as soon as there is a popular website that is talking about popular posts or whatever talking about the Samsung Note galaxy they’re going to email you the article or the video or whatever then what you want to do is you want to post a good comment on the spammy comments okay so you can tell yeah great photo love that actually I’ve made an article that’s talking about that you know you might want to check it out and talk about know some cool features that you might have you know maybe you have might have misko I don’t know okay don’t see you might have made so essentially by posting your you know link linking back to your website or to your post that’s going to create a link juice at we call it an SEO search engine optimization is going to create good link juice to your website’s going to help it rank because you you know it’s a backlink from to your website from that high authority know website because it’s rank that website is talking about that and it’s ranking very high in Google that’s why we will alert you about that one so if there is a link on that website they don’t know if it’s you know for is coming there’s a link on that website pointing to your website that means good you know good news for Google okay so the video is going to your review is going to rank and you’re going to have links there on your given create a review when it’s going to be launched you’re going to have links to that product and as soon as it’s launched you know if you’re if you’ve done a good job and is ranking highly and drinking the first spot you know when people are start looking for this product they’re gonna bump into your website they’re going to see your reviews are going to click on a link they’re going to buy that are in commissions okay you can earn very good commissions out of the strategy imagine your ranking on the first part of Google for what you call it Samsung Galaxy Note 8 I got all right you can make a lot of sales and that’s just one product you can do this over and over again for a ton of products okay and you know you might be thinking oh my god that’s a lot of work you can just hire somebody okay I one of my first VH was from online job pH okay somebody from the from the Philippines on girl from Philippines and you know you can you can find people like that from the Philippines let’s say and for 200 250 bucks I haven’t worked for you full time to do this job for you one or two sales you’re done okay to three sales whatever depending on what you’re selling you’re done alright so take action this is a great method okay is this stuff works there’s a you know if you just search any product online you can find ton of people you know could using this method okay I use this very effectively also with videos again reviews I talked about that my training also to click on the link below I’ve got a training webinar route I’ll talk about that with videos so anyway take action okay do what I told you follow step by step comment below if you have any questions like the videos master like if you if you enjoyed it subscribe to my channel click on the red button here to subscribe for more cool videos so you don’t miss them and before you leave don’t forget to click on that link below or above this video like I tell you always and you will get instant access to my number one system and my number one recommendation to making money online so thanks for watching and see you on our next video bye 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